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We currently have 6 different Teak Shower Stools to choose from! All our Teak Shower Stools are made from the very finest "A" Grade Teak and are an excellent choice for warm, moist environments...that's why they make boats out of it! Take your pick:

Teak Shower Stool No. 1

A very robust, all-natural, no finish solid Grade 'A' Teak stool for either inside or outside use. Perfect for showers, saunas, pool areas etc. Measures 24 inches wide; 13 inches deep and stands 18 inches tall.

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Teak Shower Stool No. 2

Similar to Teak Shower Stool No. 1 but narrower - 18 inches in width. Made only with Grade 'A' Teak, this bench is a solid choice!

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Teak Shower Stool No. 3

A VERY solid, Grade 'A' Teak stool complete with a shower caddy below - not just a shelf! Great for saunas, spas, pools etc. Our stools are all-natural with no finish...want to apply a great Teak Oil? Watch the wood grain pop!

We ship World-Wide! Contact us for pricing!


Teak Shower Stool No. 4

Beautiful solid Teak shower stool suitable for showers (Duh!), saunas, spas, poolside, dockside...only Grade 'A' Teak, all natural no finish with that sly curve to the seat...measures 18 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 18 inches tall.

We ship World-Wide! Ask us about shipping!


Teak Shower Stool No. 5

Solid, all natural, no-finish Teak shower stool with a slight Asian flair! Perfect for saunas, spas, poolside, dockside or even on the boat! Measures 24 inches by 13 inches deep by 18 inches high.

We ship anywhere and everywhere! Ask us how !


Teak Shower Stool No. 6

Beautiful teak shower stool for your new custom home or sauna or spa.

Dimensions: 24' x 13' x 18'

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