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Specializing in wood where distinction matters! Harbor Teak can get you just about everything you CANíT get at the Big Box stores and at very reasonable prices too! We can get you anything from a piece of Black Walnut Ė for that project youíve been working on Ė to all the Tigerwood you need to build that gorgeous deck. Take a look at our ever expanding list and donít be afraid to ask!

Exotic Plywoods - Domestic Exotic Marine

Exotic plywood can be the backbone of many building efforts and itís nice to be able to select a plywood that mirrors or complements your lumber. Harbor Teak can get you just about any plywood you are looking forÖjust ask!


Exotic Veneers - Domestic Exotic Marine

Veneers provide a great way to get the look you are seeking without necessarily breaking the bank. Our veneers come in 4mm paperback or 'Tech3' wood-back veneers: in domestic and exotic woods. Let us know what you need.

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