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Now providing local access to a growing selection of lumber for fine wood working, boat building and projects requiring a cut above the average. We also offer plenty of discounts to help you complete that project without breaking the bank! We sell lumber by the BDFT (Board Foot... this is how wood is measured. There are 144 cubic inches in a BDFT). Harbor Teak offers the following discount packages: CRAFT PAK – Buy a minimum of 10 BDFT and you get a discount! PROJECT PAK – Buy a minimum of 20 BDFT and get another discount! PRO PAK - Buy a minimum of 100 BDFT and get the best discount I can offer!

Ash - Fraxinus Americana

Origin: North America
Very similar to Red Oak in both appearance and work-ability. Light cream to light brown. Used frequently for furniture, cabinetry, small boatbuilding, sports and tool handles etc.

Weight - Hardness - Density
3.58Lb/BDFT - 1320 - .67

(Red Oak: 3.58/BDFT Hardness 1290 psi .64 Spec gravity)

Boards are typically between 5 and 10 inches wide.
4/4 $5.75/BDFT
8/4 $6.50/BDFT

Ordering Instructions:
Add one board foot of this item from the dropdown list to your shopping cart, then increase the quantity of Board Feet you need in the shopping cart.


Exotic Decking Lumber - Domestic Exotic Marine

Harbor Teak provides stunning hardwood decking out of Tigerwood, Ipe (pronounced Epay) and Batu – as well as accessories including hand and sub rails, fascia, balusters and more. We can also tailor your needs for paneling, porches, floors... or?


BIRCH – Betula Alleghaniensis

Origin: North America
This heavy and strong, mostly straight-grained wood is cream or light brown in color, often tinged with red. Works well and is beautiful but the “here and there” swirly, irregular grain can present challenges when using power tools (power planer comes to mind: Beware of Tear out). Fine woodworking, joinery, turning, high grade plywood.

Weight - Hardness - Density
3.58 Lb/BDFT - 1260 - .62

(Red Oak: 3.58/BDFT Hardness 1290 psi .64 Spec gravity)

Boards are typically 4 inches to 8 inches wide.
4/4 BIR4400 $5.60 BDFT
8/4 BIR8400 $6.82 BDFT


BUBINGA – Guibourtia Tessmannii

Origin: Africa
A fine grained, heavy and hard wood that produces a truly lustrous finish. Also known as Akume, Bubinga is a rather dark wood ranging from a light red to a violet. General workability is decent except for the occasional gum pocket. Often figured with a wavy grain sprinkled with streaks of purple. Excellent choice for musical instruments, high-end furniture and millwork.

Weight - Hardness - Density
4.58 Lb/BDFT - 2628 - .88
(Red Oak: 3.58/BDFT - Hardness 1290 psi - .64 Spec gravity)

Boards are typically 5 inches to 10 inches wide.
4/4 BUB4400 $21.00 BDFT
8/4 BUB8400 $24.00 BDFT
2x2x7 BUB227 $5.00 EA – Turning Blank
2x2x30 BUB2230 $20.00 EA - Furniture Square
2x6x6 BUB266 $13.50 EA - Turning Block


Teak Oil

Our own unique blend formulated to preserve, penetrate and protect teak and other fine hard woods.

1 pint


Exotic Plywoods - Domestic Exotic Marine

Exotic plywood can be the backbone of many building efforts and it’s nice to be able to select a plywood that mirrors or complements your lumber. Harbor Teak can get you just about any plywood you are looking for…just ask!


Exotic Veneers - Domestic Exotic Marine

Veneers provide a great way to get the look you are seeking without necessarily breaking the bank. Our veneers come in 4mm paperback or 'Tech3' wood-back veneers: in domestic and exotic woods. Let us know what you need.

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