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Our On the Water themed home décor is the marriage of the image of Teak, admired the world over for its durability and beauty around the water and the rich maritime history of our local community. Essentially, anything nautical is worthy! Wood carvings, porthole mirrors, ship’s wheel clocks…take a look. We even have focused mini-themes like traditional boatbuilding, the Titanic and pirates!

Brass Port Hole Mirror - 20''


Fishing Rules



Flotation Device Decoration


Friendship Sloop Wall Plaque

This is a line drawing of a friendship sloop, mounted on wood.


Hanging Captain's Wheel Clock


Hanging Captain's Wheel Clock


Last Photo of Titanic Framed


Port Hole Clock


Port Hole Mirror - 15''


Port Hole Mirror - 20''


Port Hole Mirror - 8''


'Starboard and Port' Lamp Set


'Titanic' Port Hole Mirror - 15''


'Titanic' Port Hole Mirror - 17''


Traditional Indonesian Vessel Model

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