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It is only natural to pair quality hand-crafted Teak furniture with unique home décor accent pieces. Here in the Exotic Home Décor section, we try to visualize and re-create the feel of being well-travelled, experienced and even comfortable in those foreign and exotic locales. Our offering is ever-expanding as we search out the pieces that scream unique treasure and are not to be found at your local mass merchandisers. You will also be pleasantly surprised when you see our prices because, like you, we want the nicer things and so much the better if we can get it at great pricing!

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Assorted Animal Figurines

Assorted animal figurines sold separately


Black Wooden Hand Sculpture

Wooden hand sculpture


Brass Bird Skull

Brass bird skull statue


Brass Cast Ballet Statue

Brass cast statue


Brass Crayfish

Brass crayfish statue


Brass Frog

Brass frog playing the flute


Brass Gecko

Brass gecko statue


Brass Gourami

Brass gourami fish statue


Brass Kendedes Bust

Brass bust of Kendedes


Brass Koi

Brass koi fish


Brass Mermaid Statue

Brass mermaid statue


'Cap Stan' Lantern

Multicolored lantern


Couple Sculpture

Wooden sculpture


Couple Sculpture

Wooden Sculpture


Couple Sculture

Wooden Sculpture


Dragon Candle Holder

Bronze cast dragon candle holder. Candle heights are 7' and 14'


Elephant Coconut Piggy Bank

Piggy bank made from coconut


Hanging Buddha Head

Wooden hanging Buddha head


Hanging Geckos

Large: 29.95
Small: 19.95


Large Brass Cast 'Ballet' Statue

Large brass cast statue

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