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As a complement to our furniture, Harbor Teak also offers a unique selection of home décor items that we broadly categorize as Exotic Home Décor and On the Water. Please take some time to visit; we appreciate it!

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Balinese Village Painting

W: 39'' x H: 27.5''


Balinese Village Painting

W: 32'' x H: 24''


Boy and Barong Painting

W: 24'' x H: 31''


Buddha Face Painting

W: 24'' x H: 31''


Buddha Painting

W: 24'' x H: 31.5''


Framed Indonesian Travel Posters

Assorted travel posters
$109.75 Each

W: 13'' x H: 19''


Man and Woman Paintings

$199.00 for Pair of paintings

W: 12'' x H: 36'' each


Orangutan Painting

W: 24'' x H: 31.5''


Assorted Animal Figurines

Assorted animal figurines sold separately


Black Wooden Hand Sculpture

Wooden hand sculpture


Brass Bird Skull

Brass bird skull statue


Brass Cast Ballet Statue

Brass cast statue


Brass Crayfish

Brass crayfish statue


Brass Frog

Brass frog playing the flute


Brass Gecko

Brass gecko statue


Brass Gourami

Brass gourami fish statue


Brass Kendedes Bust

Brass bust of Kendedes


Brass Koi

Brass koi fish


Brass Mermaid Statue

Brass mermaid statue


'Cap Stan' Lantern

Multicolored lantern

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