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Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Gig Harbor, Harbor Teak sells imported teak furniture for indoor as well as outdoor uses, home decor items and exotic lumbers.

About Our Furniture

Indonesia is my wife's home country and my adopted 'sister' nation. We import Teak furniture, by the container load, directly from there.

Our Teak is of the highest quality; manufactured in a modern facility where employees are treated like family (because many of them are); and, environmental stewardship and sustainability of the wood is fundamental.

Our 'outdoor' teak furniture represents some of the most popular designs while much of our 'indoor' teak furniture selection is 'one-of-a-kind' pieces often made from reclaimed/recycled Teak.


Are Prices Competitive?

Yes! In fact, I find we are able to provide the SAME pieces – when compared for quality, pricing, style and design – as many of our competitors, which makes sense because we are all getting it from the same place: Jepara!

We don’t buy from an Importer... We ARE the importer so, there are no 'middlemen.' We go to the factory, inspect the work, oversee the documentation and processing and then provide our offering to you at prices that we hope will meet or exceed your expectations. I invite you to shop around.


What About Illegal Logging and Deforestation?

All of the Indonesian Teak that we use, (Tectona grandis as it is scientifically known) in our furniture is either grown on government-controlled plantations or comes from recycling, reclaiming or re purposing older, previously harvested Teak.

Additionally, The United States government regulates the importation of Teak, requiring a Federal Permit as well as an approved 'phyto-sanitary' procedure ensuring compliance with strict importation rules. The Indonesian government also regulates Teak, not only by requiring purchase from government plantations but also banning the export of any 'unimproved' Teak such as logs.

Once the container of Teak furniture makes it across the Pacific, which takes about a month or so, the container must then 'clear' U. S. Customs – not always an easy tas... Read More


Where Is Our Teak Wood From?

Indonesia is a diverse archipelago of thousands of islands (over 17,000, actually) with one of the main ones being the island of Java. The 'Jepara' Region, where a significant amount of Indonesian Teak furniture is made, is centrally located on Java, about 7 Degrees South of the Equator so, yes, it's warm.

To get there, we get on a plane and fly for a really long time. Then, we get in vehicles and drive on old, bumpy roads for another 'really long time.'

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