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BUBINGA Guibourtia Tessmannii

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Origin: Africa
A fine grained, heavy and hard wood that produces a truly lustrous finish. Also known as Akume, Bubinga is a rather dark wood ranging from a light red to a violet. General workability is decent except for the occasional gum pocket. Often figured with a wavy grain sprinkled with streaks of purple. Excellent choice for musical instruments, high-end furniture and millwork.

Weight - Hardness - Density
4.58 Lb/BDFT - 2628 - .88
(Red Oak: 3.58/BDFT - Hardness 1290 psi - .64 Spec gravity)

Boards are typically 5 inches to 10 inches wide.
4/4 BUB4400 $21.00 BDFT
8/4 BUB8400 $24.00 BDFT
2x2x7 BUB227 $5.00 EA Turning Blank
2x2x30 BUB2230 $20.00 EA - Furniture Square
2x6x6 BUB266 $13.50 EA - Turning Block

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