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BIRCH – Betula Alleghaniensis

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Origin: North America
This heavy and strong, mostly straight-grained wood is cream or light brown in color, often tinged with red. Works well and is beautiful but the “here and there” swirly, irregular grain can present challenges when using power tools (power planer comes to mind: Beware of Tear out). Fine woodworking, joinery, turning, high grade plywood.

Weight - Hardness - Density
3.58 Lb/BDFT - 1260 - .62

(Red Oak: 3.58/BDFT Hardness 1290 psi .64 Spec gravity)

Boards are typically 4 inches to 8 inches wide.
4/4 BIR4400 $5.60 BDFT
8/4 BIR8400 $6.82 BDFT

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