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What About Illegal Logging and Deforestation?

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All of the Indonesian Teak that we use, (Tectona grandis as it is scientifically known) in our furniture is either grown on government-controlled plantations or comes from recycling, reclaiming or re purposing older, previously harvested Teak.

Additionally, The United States government regulates the importation of Teak, requiring a Federal Permit as well as an approved 'phyto-sanitary' procedure ensuring compliance with strict importation rules. The Indonesian government also regulates Teak, not only by requiring purchase from government plantations but also banning the export of any 'unimproved' Teak such as logs.

Once the container of Teak furniture makes it across the Pacific, which takes about a month or so, the container must then 'clear' U. S. Customs not always an easy task. Even with all of the appropriate documentation, U. S. Customs still has the right and often exercises this right- to physically inspect all cargo.

This can mean taking the container to a Certified Examination Station (CES the closest to us is the one in Fife), completely unloading the contents, thoroughly inspecting and, if 'cleared,' re-loading the container and delivering it to us AFTER we pay the inspection fee which can run into the thousands...

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